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WHAT BEING NCEA CERTIFIED MEANS...NCEA Certified is the professional status awarded to a skin care professional that has met the competency standards as set-forth by NCEA's 1200 Hour Esthetician Job Task Analysis. It represents the highest skin care credential available in the United States and adherence to the code of ethics of the profession. NCEA Certified Professionals may also be members of the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations. (NCEA)
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Alternative Therapies: Ayurveda

Ayurveda: An Ancient + Timeless Approach to Beauty

Despite being thousands of years old and originating in India, the ancient science of ayurveda is thriving-especially in the skincare industry. Its herbs and techniques are showing up all over beauty products and spa menus. This "knowledge of life" explains that skin is an expression of what's happening on the inside, and has a unique understanding of how to promote internal wellness that radiates on the outside.

This course will enable you to approach skin care from a more holistic perspective. You'll learn the relationship between skin and internal wellness, causes and external remedies for the most common skin imbalances from an ayurvedic perspective, and how to create completely natural ayurvedic formulas to feed the skin.

After completing this interactive ayurveda course, the skin care professional will be able to:
  • Approach skin care from a more holistic perspective
  • Understand the relationship between skin and internal wellness
  • Begin to assess ayurvedic skin types
  • Understand the energetics and usage of various oils, herbs, and other substances in ayurvedic skin care and according to the skin condition
  • Create ayurvedic skin care formulas
  • Incorporate ayurvedic techniques and marma points into face massage
  • Understand the role of stress in skin and holistic approaches to anti-aging

Day I
  • What is beauty?
  • Ayurvedic principles + philosophy
    • 5 elements
    • 3 doshas
    • Ayurvedic mind/body types
  • Skin in ayurveda: a mirror of the internal body and mind
  • Ayurvedic skin types
  • Ancient ayurvedic beauty and skin treatments
  • Incorporating ayurveda and supportive alternative therapies including sound therapy, chakra therapy, and reiki into your salon, spa, or skin care practice

  • Food for the skin: the energetics and usage of ayurvedic herbs, base oils, essential oils, grain and legume flours, and other natural substances
  • Herbal preparations (hands-on)
    • Lepam: face packs
    • Udvartana: herbal body scrub for cellulite
  • Common skin imbalances (dryness, wrinkles and lines, under eye circles, puffiness, hyperpigmentation, acne)
    • Symptoms + causes
    • External remedies
  • Mukha abhyanga: ayurvedic face massage and vital points (hands-on practice)
  • Stress & its relationship to the skin: anti-aging ayurveda practices


Two Days Class Fee: $300.00

2 Weeks Early Registration: $289.00

Bring your knowledge to practice 


Inquire about accommodations in proximity and shuttle transport. Sign up for 3 or more classes to receive $50 towards another class of your choice. Bring another professional with you to attend any of our classes and receive a $20 discount. Candidate will be required to provide 72 hours cancellation notice prior to the class for a refund or to be applied to another class of their choice within 6 months.  


Half Day Refresher Class Fee: $80.00 (1:00pm - 5:00pm)