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WHAT BEING NCEA CERTIFIED MEANS...NCEA Certified is the professional status awarded to a skin care professional that has met the competency standards as set-forth by NCEA's 1200 Hour Esthetician Job Task Analysis. It represents the highest skin care credential available in the United States and adherence to the code of ethics of the profession. NCEA Certified Professionals may also be members of the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations. (NCEA)
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Into the Business of Anti - Aging. Challenges and Successes

There is not one magic product, technology or procedure that is the cure- all- for aging and you really need to address the situation from many different angles. To gain control over the aging process, one must first be aware of it, and no two people have the same awareness. Most people ignored the fact that all the factors that make them so much older than their chronological age are reversible.

The complexity of the forces operating inside an aging body becomes even more serious when you ask: How old are you?

Before you reply; Consider 3 distinct and separate ways to measure someone's age.

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In this course you will learn:
  • You will learn all aspects of Aging skin.
  • The meaning of Chronological age.
  • Biological age-in terms of critical life sign and cellular processes.
  • Psychological age-how old you feel you are.
  • Negative Factors that Accelerate Aging.
  • Factors that can be shared with your clients.
  • The Physical aspect of the skin that will need to be addressed for a successful result.
  • The forces of Aging.
  • Inside of Aging cells and tissues.
  • Balance of life.
  • Chemical Messengers and Hormones & Aging
  • Level of Skin Intelligence.
  • Health, Beauty & Wellness Aspirations.

Consultant Agreement and Fee to be determined on Consultancy basis. Candidate will be required to provide 72 hours cancellation notice prior to the scheduled consultation for a refund or to be applied to another consultation within 3 months. Online classes are non-refundable.